Echoworld Signs a deal with Radio Evolution

By Mudzanani Tendani · Mar 10, 2021
Echoworld Signs a deal with Radio Evolution picture

Radio Evolution was founded in July 2020 by Neluvhalani Phuluso who resides at Hamavhunda in the hearts of Venda.The main idea behind this radio station it was that people's  lives should be changed by listening to the radio station and also by taking neccessary measures.

This radio station has seven agents,three presenters,three Dj's and two producers which amongst them are females with the aim of empowering  black young women.This two parties are dominated  by young black youth who are both men and women.Echoworld took it upon their shoulders  to adopt small businesses  and small organizations  that are related to entertainment  and also other industries  with the aim of building a wing in which different  companies of different cooperatives can form a business relationship  with the aim of helping  them to grow.The contract between  Echoworld was signed by Mr Mudzanani Tendani who's the founder of Echoworld and was witnessed by the Cofounder who is Ms Mulaudzi Wanga Sonya.This deal was signed on the 24th of February  2021 and the agreement  was reached in the present of one of the Dj's from Radio evolution.

Mr Neluvhalani said that he wants Radio Evolution to be a child of Echoworld  officially.He also went on and said that "they are lots of potential sponsors who promised a lot of things but never delivered.Echoworld is excited  to have secured this deal and it promised  Radio Evolution  that in any events or projects the two parties will receive  the same recognition.Currently  the two parties  are hosting a talent show for disabled people.


The two parties aims to work in a professional way and also aims to practice good conduct and ethics towards everything they do.

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